Christiane Kubrick
Christiane Kubrick


May 10, 1932

Braunschweig, Germany


Werner Bruhns (1952-1957)

Stanley Kubrick (1958-1999)

Christiane Kubrick (née Harlan) is a German actress, dancer, painter and singer. She is most recognized for being the wife of American filmmaker Stanley Kubrick from 1958 until his death in 1999.

Early lifeEdit

Christiane Kubrick was born to Fritz Moritz Harlan and Ingeborg. She was trained as an actress, but became better known as an artist. In 1957, her success led to her being cast for a role in one of Stanley Kubrick's first films, Paths of Glory. She was credited as Susanne Christian.

Life with Stanley KubrickEdit

In 1958, she and Kubrick married. In their marital relationship, they had two children: Anya and Vivian. In 2009, Anya died of cancer.

Stanley Kubrick would feature some of Christiane's work in his films, and she would be involved with works relating to Kubrick.

  • In A Clockwork Orange, a large floral oil painting adorns the home of a writer (Frank Alexander) and his wife.
  • In Eyes Wide Shut, Christiane's paintings are seen on almost every wall of Dr. an Mrs. Hartford's city apartment in New York.
  • Christiane's brother, Jan Harlan, was the executive producer of every Stanley Kubrick film from 1975 (Barry Lyndon) onwards.
  • Stanley Kubrick wanted to make a film about German filmmaker Veit Harlan, who Christiane Kubrick was a niece of.