Aryan Papers is a project that was supposed to be directed and written by Stanley Kubrick, but was never finished. As early as 1976, Kubrick stated that he wanted to make a Holocaust film. In the early 1990s, he almost went into production on a film adaptation of a novel called Wartime Lies, written by Louis Begley; the novel told a story of a boy and aunt in hiding in the midst of the Holocaust.


Kubrick had already cast actors (Joseph Mazzello as the young boy) and actresses (Johanna ter Steege as the aunt); he had already traveled to location where he would film the picture. But Aryan Papers was cancelled for two reasons. The main was the release and success (both critical and commercial) of a 1993 Steven Spielberg film, Schindler's List. This was a Holocaust film. Kubrick also questioned himself about whether it would be possible to fully portray the Holocaust on screen accurately, so he eventually abandoned the film and instead turned his attention to A.I. Artificial Intelligence, a film that Kubrick would give to Spielberg for direction.